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Electric Racing Trim Tabs
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 Standard Duty Performance Trim Tabs

Available Trim Tab Kits
TT 9"x9"
RT 12"x12"
RT 16"x12"
RT 18"x14"
Standerd Performance Tab Kit:-
With Electro-Polished Stainless Steel Blades
12-gauge 304 Stainless Steel Blades
1" Turned up edges-85 AE inside taper
12-Volt Standard actuator w/5/16" stainless steel bolts
1/4" diameter hinge pin.
RT Trim Tab Kit Includes:-
Electro-polished stainless stel trimtab blades(2)
12-Volt actuators with 6" lead & deutsch plugs (2)
20" actuator extension wiring harnesses
Upper mounting backet with gland seal (2)
Lower mounting backet #119
All necessary mounting hardware

Extreme Duty Performance Trim Tabs

Available Trim Tab Kits

Single Actuator 15054-001 (RT 14x12 XDNS) 14" x 12"(35.56 x 30.48 cm)
Single Actuator 15045-101(RT 17x12xDNS) (43.18x55.88 cm)
Dual Actuator 15045-101 (RT 19x14xDNS) 19"X14" (48.26x35.56 cm)
Extreme Duty Performance Trim Tabs:-
10-gauge 304 stainless steel blades
1" turned up edge 85 Degree inside taper
12-Volt Extreme Duty actuator w/316 stainless steel billet ram w/3/8" bolts
Full transom back plat adjustable C channel with 3/8" stainless steel bolt 3/8" diameter hinge pin single actuator.
XD Trim Tab Kit Includes:-
Electro-Polished stainless steel trimtab blades (2)
Pre-assembled with electro-polishe stainless steel back plates and gland seals (2)
Standard or Heavy Duty actuators with 6" lead & deutsch plugs (2)
Actuator extension wiring harnesses sold separately in lengths of 7",14",20",26", and 32"
Customer supplied mounting hardware.

101 Standard Actuator
* 5/16" (.79 cm) mounting hardware
* Stroke: 2-1/4" (5.72 cm)
* Length overall: 12-1/8" (30.80 cm)
* Length pin to pin: 11-1/2" (29.21 cm)
* Diameter (upper housing): 2-1/2" (6.35 cm)
* Mounting hardware: 5/16" ( .79 cm)

101 XD Extreme Duty Actuator
* 5/16" (.79 cm) mounting hardware, solid stainless steel billet end Included in Heavy Duty Performance Tab Kits
* Stroke: 2-1/4" (5.72 cm)
* Length overall: 11-3/8" (28.89 cm)
* Length pin to pin: 10-3/4" (27.31)
* Diameter (upper housing): 2-1/2" (6.35 cm)
Solid stainless steel billet end available for heavy duty, extreme duty and super strong applications

Standard Switch Kit
* 12 & 24-Volt Single Actuator Systems - 124SSR-ISK.
* This switch has the control box integrated into the back of the switch Key Pad.
* - 15169-001 Standard Integrated Switch Kit with Pigtail for Single Actuator Systems.

LED Integrated Switch Kit
* 12 & 24-Volt Single and Dual Actuator Systems - 123SC-ISK
* This NEW switch technology improves accuracy and integrates the control box functionality into the key pad bezel. LED indicator lights let you know exactly where your trim tabs are at all times. A backlit keypad automatically illuminates graphics for night viewing. A photo eye reads ambient light and adjusts the indicator intensity for optimum viewing in all lighting conditions.
* - 15170-001 LED Indicator Integrated Switch Kit w/Pigtail for Single Actuator Systems.

Hatch lifts are operated by our single rocker
switch # 15096-001

Electric Hatch Lifts

Part Number (12V) L.O.A. Reracted Approx Stroke L.O.A. Extended Capacity
20768-001 24" 12" 36" 500 LBS/226 KG
20774-001 29" 16" 45" 500 LBS/226 KG
20778-001 33" 20" 53" 500 LBS/226 KG
L.O.A. = Length Overall, measuring from top bracket to bottom bracket when mounted
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