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Marine Chemicals
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Super Orange Citrus Boat Wash
Removes dirt, oil and grease from fiberglass, metal and painted marine surfaces. Biodegradable. Concentrated for economical use. Citrus extract formula is tough on dirt but gentle to the surface being cleaned. Will not remove wax or polish. Works in fresh and salt water.
Model 94532 94500
Size 32 fl.oz. 1 Gallon

Premium Golden Teak Oil
Extra long lasting protection for teak. Gives teak a natural warm golden color. Easy to use, fast drying. Contains ultraviolet absorbers to resist. Weathering. Rated teak oil in independent testing. Lasts 4 to 6 times longer than standard Teak oils, Advanced tung oil polymer formula.
Model 85116 85132
Size 16 fl.oz. 32 fl.oz.

Premium Teak Cleaner
Safe,easy to use formula. Cleans teak and other fine woods. Removes stains and weathering. Use as the first step in the restoration of grey, weathered teak no need to stand after cleaning. Does not contain acid - no neutralizers Needed. Dose not raise wood grain.
Model 81416 81400
Size 16 fl.oz. 1 Gallon

Tropical Teak Oil/Sealer Classic
This is a teak sealer that will outlast any oil or sealer. No drip, no splash formula. Replaces teak oils. Helps keep teak from turning black. Long-lasting, even in tropical sun and salt. Only one coat required for most applications.
Model 88032
Size 32 fl.oz.

Premium Teak Care Kit - Pints
Everything needed to clean, restore and protect teak in one convenient package. 16 fl.oz. kit is prefect for the smaller boat with minimal teak trim.
Model 81216

Premium Marine Polish with PTEF
The unlimited protection for fiberglass, metal & Painted surfaces. Lasts up to 6 times longer than other marine waxes. Easy to use - Wipe on, let dry, wipe off. Race rested; increases hull speed. For medium to heavy oxidation, use premium cleaner Wax.
Model 85716 85732
Size 16 fl.oz. 32 fl.oz.

Vinyl Cleaner & Polish
A revolutionary new formula unlike any vinyl cleaner protestant or treatment. Cleans, Shines and protects all kinds and colors of vinyl. Laves a long lasting, waterproof protective coating. Keeps vinyl soft and supple, prevents drying out and cracking. UV protection shields against sun harmful rays.
Model 91016
Size 16 fl.oz.

Liquid Rubbing Compound for Heavy Oxidation
Removes stains, heavy oxidation and scratches. For fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Convenient liquid formula. Great for hand or buffer application. Does not set up like most rubbing compounds so removal is quick and easy.
Model 81318
Size 16 fl.oz.

Fiberglass Color Restorer With PTEF
Brings back original color and luster. Removes oxidation, chalking and fading. Seals surface to protect against future fading due to weathering. Easy to use. Will not scratch or harm gelcoat. Excellent for colored hulls.
Model 81816PW
Size 16 oz.

Bilge Cleaner
Disperses and loosens sludge and grime in the bilge so it can be pumped out. Leaves bilge clean and odor-free. Biodegradable. Easy to use; just pour in, run boat, pump out. Dissolves and eliminates oil, grease, fuel, scum and sludge. Will not harm fiberglass, rubber hoses, wiring, metal or plastic.
Model 80532PW
Size 32 oz.

Mildew Stain Remover
Removes mildew stains on contact without heavy scrubbing. Simple to use; spray on, scrub lightly and rinse off stains. Safe for use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, rubber, plastic and vinyl headliners, bolsters and upholstery. Special buffered formula will not harm vinyl upholstery or thread. Ideal for home or RV use, too. Does not weaken fabric or thread. Formulated specifically for use on marine upholstery; will not harm vinyl or stitching.
Model 85616P
Size 22 oz.

Tower Guard Aluminum Protectant
Cleans, shines & protects aluminum & stainless steel surfaces. Special polymers provide a protective barrier against damaging UV rays, salt, corrosion and dirt. Polymers actually bond to surface for long-lasting protection. Ideal for use on towers, T-tops, railings, wakeboard towers and all other polished metal surfaces. Cleans, shines and protects metal surfaces. Guards against pitting and corrosion. The fast, easy way to make towers, T-tops railings, masts, outriggers and other marine metal hardware look great.
Model 80922P
Size 22 oz.

Rust Stain Remover
Easy to use spray on formula. No rubbing or scrubbing required. Safe for use on fiberglass, metal and painted suffices. Removes rust drip stains and sprinkler rust deposits.
Model 89222
Size 22 fl.oz.

LIquid Electrical Tape
Forms a protective, waterproof, UV resistant, dielectric coating. Prevents corrosion on wires and terminals. Patented, UL Tested, Fast drying formula. Cap has convenient brush applicator.
Model 84104 84105 84108
Size 4 fl.oz. 4 fl.oz. 4 fl.oz.

Chrome & Stainless Polish
Chrome & Stainless Polish helps keep both new and older boat metals looking their best by quickly and easily removing grit, grime and grease from metal surfaces. After a light buffing the formula leaves a protective barrier on metal surfaces to help prevent future pitting, salt deposits, and discoloration from rust and corrosion.
Model 82708
Size 8 oz.

Start Tron Disel Additive
Reduces all emissions. Stabilizes fuel chemistry for at least 2 years. Lowers Fuel system maintains. Eliminates carbon build-up. Increases low sulfur requirement for diesel engines.
Model 93116 93100
Size 16 fl.oz. 1 Gallon

Paste Rubbing Compound Heavy
For fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Easy to use. Great for hand or buffer application. Removes stains, heavy oxidation and scratches. Presoftened paste formula. Does not set up like most rubbing compounds so removal is quick and easy.
Model 82616
Size 14 oz.

Instant Fresh Toilet Treatment
Non-formaldehyde, non-staining, biodegradable formula. Latest technological lubricants keep drain valves from sticking. Breaks down waste quickly and efficiently. One ounce treats five gallons. Fresh pine scent controls holding tank odors Fresh lemon scent controls holding tank odors. Complies with EU criteria for biodegradable products; Contains lubricants that prevent drain valves from sticking.
Model 71716
Size 16 fl.oz.

Fogging Oil
Prevents corrosion when storing inboard or outboard engines for an extended period of time. Special formula makes starting engine after storage quick and easy.
Model 84812
Size 12 oz.

Wheel Bearing Grease

Model 26003, 26016
Plstol Grease gun with 3 oz. cartridge

Model 28703

Oil and Grease
2 Stroke Motor Oil(Yamaha)2 Stroke Motor Oil TC-W3 (Yamaha)Marine Corrosion Control and Trailer Wheel Bearing GreaseHigh Viscosity Lower Unit Gear Lube

White Lithium GreaseFogging OilRust Inhibitor WD-403M Marine Sealant Fast cure. White & Black

Grease gunTrailer wheel bearing GreaseMarine Lower Unit PumpFire Extinguisher
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