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Innovative Electrical Systems
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Made in USA
Water Resistant Circuit Breaker Panel

Model: 8271-White, 8371-Black

Model: 8373

Model: 8272
• Designed for flybridge and open cockpit applications. • Panel is rated IP66—Protected against powerful water jets. • Ignition protected safe for installation aboard gasoline powered boats.
• ON-OFF Contura Switches. • ON indicating LEDs embedded in switch. • Watertight mounting gasket. • Push Button Reset-Only circuit breakers with waterproof boots.
Model Positions Voltage Width in. (mm) Height in. (mm) Depth in. (mm)
8271 8 12V 9.37 (238.00) 4.25 (107.95) 3.25 (82.55)
8273 6 12V 4.50 (114.30) 7.50 (190.50) 3.25 (82.55)
8272 4 12V 5.25 (133.35) 4.25 (107.95) 3.25 (82.55)

Weather Deck Waterproof Panels CLB Circut breakers

Model: 4378

Model: 4376
• Rated IP67-temporary immersion for 30 minutes. • Designed for flybridge and open cockpit applications. • Independent label backlighting allows switching and dimming. • Compatible with all Blue Sea Systems Digital Dimmers. • Available in 4 and 6 circuit models. • Each panel can be mounted in four different orientations. • Green LEDs aid low-light readability. All labels will be lit when the panel is powered, regardless of individual switch position.
Model Positions Voltage Width in.(mm) Height in. (mm) Depth in. (mm)
4378 8 12V 4.25 (107.95) 7.70 (195.58) 3.50 (88.90)
4376 6 12V 4.25 (107.95) 6.00 (152.40) 3.50 (88.90)

AC Branch Circuit Breaker Panels
AC Branch panels distribute current from a high amperage input into lower amperage circuits. All circuit label positions are backlit. “ON” indicating LEDs installed in all circuit positions.

Model Positions Voltage Width in.(mm) Height in. (mm) Depth in. (mm)
1229 8 230V AC 4.88 (123.95) 7.75 (196.85) 3.00 (76.2)

ST Blade Fuse Blocks
• Corrosion resistant, tin-plated copper fuse clips reduce heat and improve the efficiency of the electrical system. • Clear insulating cover with label recesses accepts Small Format Labels. • Spare fuse holder in cover. • Accepts ring or snap fork type terminals. • Includes two terminal block jumpers.

Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC
Fuse Type ATO or ATC Fuses
Amperago Max. Operating 30A per circuit
40A per jumped circuit group

ST Blade Compact fuse Blocks
• Single side design allows wire entry from one side to minimize footprint.• Insulating cover meets ABYC/USCG insulation requirements. • Tin-plated copper buses and fuse clips. • Accepts ring or snap fork type terminals. • Includes 8 write-on circuit labels.

Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC
Fuse Type ATO or ATC Fuses
Amperago Max. Operating 30A per circuit
100A per Block

ST Glass Fuse Blocks
Innovative design allows for labeling, spare fuse storage, and easy fuse removal. • Clear insulating cover with label recesses for accept Large Format Labels. • Cover insulates all conductive parts, satisfying ABYC/USCG requirements and storing spare fuses. • Tin-plated copper buses and Phosphor Bronze fuse clips give 30 Ampere rating per circuit.

Voltage Max. Operating 32V DC
Fuse Type AGC or MDL Fuses
Amperago Max. Operating 30A per circuit
100A per Block

A-Series Toggle Circuit Breakers ( 65V DC / 250V AC )
• Meets American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards. • The industry standard circuit breaker for Blue Sea Systems" electrical panels. Combines swtiching and circuit protection into a single device. • "Trip Free" design cannot be held "ON" during fault current condition.
Model 7204 7208 7212 7220 7228
DC Amps 10A DC 15A DC 20A DC 30A DC 50A DC
AC Amps 10A AC 15A AC 20A AC 30A AC 50A AC

285-Series Circuit Breakers
Provides circuit protection for 25 to 150 Amp loads when switching and circuit protection are both required.
Intrupt Capacity: 3,000A @ 48V DC
Voltage Max.Operating: 48VDC
Circuit Breaker Type: Thermally responsive Bi-metal blade.
Circuit Breaker Class: Type III - switchable/manual reset - trip free.
Terminal Stud: M6 (accepts 1/4" Ring Terminal).

Panel Mount Amps
7086 80A DC
7087 100A DC
7088 120A DC

ML Series Automatic Charging relays
500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) relay automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging and when starting engine.
Nominal Voltage: 12V DC

Model 7622

AC Source Selection Rotary Switch
• Compact solution when circuit protection is provided elsewhere.
• Allows connecting one of two different AC sources to one circuit.
• Mounts in panels up to 0.16" (4.00mm) thick. • Heavy duty industrial rated switch.

Voltage Max. Operating 600V AC
Wire Size Range 14-10 AWG
Width x Height in(mm) 1.89 (48.00) x 1.89 (48.00
Depth in. (mm) 1.91 (48.51)

150A Common BusBars

Model: 2300

Model: 2312
Insert-molded stainles steel studs eliminate the need for securing nuts and allow high torquing for excellent electrical contact
Model Terminal Screw Terminal Stud
2300 10 x #8-32 2 x 1/4"-10
2312 20 x #8-32 2 x 1/4"-20

Single Circuit ON-OFF Selector 4 Position

Model: 6004 with lock key

Model: 6006

Model: 6007
Switches a single battery to a single load group Switches isolated battery banks to all loads or combines battery banks to all loads

Toggle Switch SPDT Contura II Switch SPDT

Model: 4150, On-Off

Model: 4152, On-Off-On

Model: 7931, On-Off-On

Fast Charge 4.8A Dual USB Chargers 2.1A Dual USB Chargers

Model: 1039

Model: 1045

Model: 1016
Intelligent device recognition maximizes charge rate for phones, tablets,or other mobile devices Charge two mobile devices on the go

12 Volt Socket and plugs

Model: 1011

Model: 1011200

Model: 1010
Designed to withstand the rigors of wet envirinments and constant vibration

Fuse ATO / ATC
5243100-BSS, 20AMP 5242100-BSS, 15AMP 5241100-BSS, 10AMP 5239100-BSS, 5AMP
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